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Fire Alarm

Reliable design with occupant safety as the priority.

When we develop Fire Alarm designs, we keep your occupants in mind. Our knowledgeable design team creates code compliant Fire Alarm system designs that meet all applicable regulations, including local standards, to ensure occupant safety.

Rewind offers support in all areas of Fire Alarm design, including for buildings with unique features. We provide code compliant systems for all structure types including low and high-rise office buildings, schools, hospitals, and multi-family buildings.

At Rewind we also understand the importance of planning ahead and working with existing systems. Our Fire Alarm designs keep objectives such as future expansions, upgrades, and maintenance in mind.

  • Notification
  • Initiation
  • DSA Submittals
  • Wire and Device Calculations
  • Sequence of Operations
Featured Project: Riverwalk

Ryan Wall, CTS


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